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Anton can’t help laugh. His white history teacher Mr Davis licked the soles of these trainers clean last night. …and of course Anton pocketed 20 bucks for letting the old fag. That’s been going on a couple of times week for over a year now .,a couple of months ago Davis presented Anton to his homo friend Mr Wright and since then every sunday Anton has gone over to writes place and pissed in Wrights mouth and then taken a dump on Writes face and ground it into his mouth while wright spends almost a hour just licking Antons sneakers clean of shit. Last sunday was the 7 th in a row that Anton left with 120 bucks in his pocket. There is some other old queer lives over at Wright’s house and Anton has agreed to give him a good belting once a week for 25, These white cocksuckers are a gold mine and they all know more queers into perving over and paying straight black guys.

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