White Boys Need to Serve

A  chance for  white faggot’s to talk about there deepest desires, fantasies and experiences of acting as slaves for young superior black masters and also let these young gods know just how much we can be used and abused for their amusement. 

I realised years ago that the one thing that totally fulfilled me and was, what I believe should be all white cocksuckers’ real  aim in life, is to completely submit and serve as a slave to a black master. To be lying under the feet of a young black stud as he grinds his feet into your face or crushing those pathetic little honky cock and balls while he tells you what a worm you are is the greatest honour a bitch like me can have. I have  realised that the more complete my domination and humiliation by young Black studs the better, At first my first big act of humiliation was when a hot black gay would piss in my mouth and I would swallow his piss. But now I realise that to submit entirely and admit my total inferiority  I must be willing to eat the shit from my masters hole.